Tinder Gold APK: Best App To Find Your Perfect Partner

Tinder Gold APK is an excellent way to connect with people that you’ve been searching for. If you want to get the best use of social connections on your phone, then the Tinder app is one of the best solutions.

When You Start Thinking about a matchmaking site or meetup site then first of all the app which will be in your mind is Tinder. It is the most popular meetup site available online. Tinder is on the market since 2012. And gradually the popularity of tinder has gone up sky high. Now it has a big family with 30 Billion matches to date. People thing tinder their most dependable wingmate. It has both a free and premium plan. The premium apps are tinder gold apk and the tinder plus apk.

What Makes Tinder Different from Other Apps: Features of Tinder free, Gold and Apk

Tinder gold apk

The Tinder app is available in the play store, Appstore, and on the tinder’s official website. But if you want to use the premium version like Tinder gold apk for free you have to search it on the third-party website. You can also download the tinder app from here.

The reason behind the popularity of tinder is user friendly. This app is very easy to use and it has some very interesting features which bring this app to a different level. So, let’s discuss its most important features.

Features of Tinder

The features of the tinder app are not different in free and paid apps. But in the premium apps, the features are unlimited but in the free app, it is limited with ads. Ok, now the features of Tinder:

Easy registration system:
In this app, the registration system is so much easy. Without giving any information you can get registered by using your Facebook account or google account. Even you have the option to use your mobile number only. You don’t need to go through a long process of profile filling. It will fetch data from your relevant Facebook or Google account. In one click you will have proper login, Facebook, or google data extraction and profile creation.

User Profile:
This option will allow you to visit the basic information of a profile. And in your account, you can edit and update your profile information. In this area, you will find

  • Profile Picture
  • Age
  • Mutual friends
  • Mutual interests
  • Distance
  • A tagline or your brief description

One of the most important features is the geolocation feature. This app will use your device location and suggest you, friend, nearby. The most important part is it will show you the distance between two people in kilometers. So, it helps the user to find their nearest one very easily.

Filter-Based Search Functionality
The search functionality of this app is wonder-full. But you will find it on Tinder Gold Apk and the Tinder Plus Apk. You can set maximum distance, age-range, and gender to search your expected partner. Again, also you can edit geolocation before searching. So, it will help you to find your right partner in a very easy way.

It is said that the swipe feature is the unique value proportion feature of tinder. So, it can be said that the swipe option is the most important feature of tinder. In the beginning, when you will start using this app the app will show you the suggestion based on geolocation, mutual friends, and the basic interest. Then to like someone you have to swipe right and to reject someone you have to swipe left. You will get an unlimited right swipe in tinder gold.

After the swipe feature, the match feature comes. This feature is a common feature among almost all the meeting app. In tinder when both users swipe right each other that means if the like each other then it will be a match.

In tinder, Match is required to start a chat. After finding a match you will able to send a message and also receive and view your matches messages.

This is an essential feature. You will be notified if you find any match or like or receive any message from other users.

Super Like:
If you want to super like someone then you have to swipe up. All matches who are super liked by you will get a blue star just after the list of their names.

It’s a paid feature of tinder. You have to pay extra money to boost up your tinder profile. Every boost will cost you 6.99$. And if you buy 10 boosts it will cost 49$. So, what a boost will do? It will keep your profile at the top of the user list in your geographical location for 30 minutes. And that will increase the chance of a match. If you buy a tinder plus or gold feature you will get 1 boost per month.

Rewind swipe:
Tinder rewind swipe feature is only available in the tinder gold and subscription. If you by mistake left swipe a profile that you want to meet, you will get a chance to correct your mistake. You can rewind your last swipe one time to see the profile again.

This feature is a very cool feature of tinder. But passport also a premium feature. By using this feature, you can find a match from any location in the world. For example, if you want to spend your upcoming vacation in Switzerland, then you can search for a match thereby using this passport feature.

 No Ads:
You have to face different ads in the free version of Tinder, but in the Tinder gold and apk you don’t have to face kind of annoying ads.

Hide distance and Age:
You can hide your distance and age in your profile. When you are searching for a match for your next holiday destination then this feature helps you. It will hide your distance. Similarly, if you don’t want to show your age then you can also hide it.

Likes You feature:
This feature is also very useful. If anybody likes you, you will able to see their profile before you start swiping.

Block a user and personal security:
The block user section is also a very good feature. After you start chatting with someone if you find anybody irritating or you don’t want to chat with that person then you can block that user. But one thing, if you block someone then you are not able to unblock him or her again.

Then comes the very important personal security feature. This feature is special for LGBTQ+ users. The relationship act is not the same all over the world. If a user who is a gay, lesbian, or transgender visiting a place where this type of relationship is not allowed, their tinder automatically doesn’t show their profile in tinder.

These are the amazing features of Tinder gold and tinder plus. Though some feature is not available in the free version or you can use the limited.


In general, the subscription fee of tinder plus is $9.99 per month if your age is less than 30. But if you are 30 or above 30 you have to pay $19.99 per month.

The tinder gold subscription fee is $29.99 per month. But if you buy it for one year then it will cost you $10 per month. And if you subscribe to it for 6 months then it will cost you $12 per month. But You can Download Tinder gold apk for free from here.

After reading the whole article, I think it is now clear to you why tinder is the best match finding app. To find your partner from online tinder is the best option. So, if you want to use the Tinder Gold Apk for free then download it from the link below.

But one thing before the Conclusion, all the profile you find in tinder is not real. So be careful before sharing your very personal information, image, or video. Everything in the world has a good side and a bad side, now the choice is yours how you will use it. So happy friendship and happy relationship.

At a glance total feature of Tinder Gold Apk

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